2 Popular proxy services
Get complete privacy when your browsing the internet!

If you don’t like people snooping around in your business (like I am) then please read around this site to find some solutions that might allow you to feel at easy when browsing the internet. I am personally a very private person and while I’m not up to any shenanigans at all in both my business and personal life I still believe I have the right to not have people tracking my activity. Sure like most men I might visit the occasionally naughty website but for the most part I run a few websites and keep my internet actively so that anybody watching over me would still think I’m a regular family oriented guy. So why do I use VPN’s and proxies?

Hide My Ass

Offering VPN service to customers interested in maintaining their privacy while working or just having fun browsing around the internet. Read my thoughts about this service or watch my video demo using it.  What I think!


Probably the oldest VPN service that also caters to home and business users who want privacy while browsing the net. I believe this company has the largest user base, but do they offer the best service?.  What I think!

The Difference Between a Proxy And a VPN

A proxy server is one that acts as a binding connecting location hence, allowing network service to be connected to other services. It is responsible for connecting the desired file to the web page or any other service whereas, the proxy server can be detected anywhere in the world.


To ensure ultimate security and privacy, the recipient would therefore be utterly oblivious of the exact source and origin of the file or data. The only thing apparently visible would be the basic request that is sent by the proxy server.  This is how an indirect but stable connection could be established amongst other network services. The client or the customer basically connects its request to a proxy server. From there the connection is connected from a different server. However many cases have been reported of data theft and inappropriate security. Hence VPN is a securer method than using a proxy server. Its encryption makes it more trustworthy. Privacy in California is even more strictly enforced with more rules and regulations for users and businesses to follow.


For most of us who are confused as to what a proxy server is, it is a special kind of computer whose job is to act as a middleman between the server and the client and catch requests. Amongst the other several uses, it also acts as a speed booster and shares the load of the server. Many ISPs have put many proxy servers in their regular use. Due to some policies if a site needs to be blocked or content needs to be censored, it is the job of a proxy server to do so.


Proxy server is called an invisible proxy server when the web browser doesn’t require to be attached to the proxy server. This safeguards and protects the main system and the central network from attacks from viruses, malware and other threats.



What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network, also known as a VPN refers to computers linked together over the internet to a network that is public. It is mostly used by businesses such as data centers to connect employees when they are not actually present in the area where the LAN is setup. It is also used as a way of ensuring that your information is safe when you’re using a connection that is public. In order to connect to such a network the person either launched a VPN client or uses a special website. After logging in, the VPN client or website makes sure that your internet connection is authentic after which you are connected to a server which is not located in the same region as yours.


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